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Stan Urbanic


Urbo, The Big Ship


Favorite fielding position

I look good anywhere in my freshly starched shirt, but I prefer slips where I can indulge in my witty banter.

 Greatest cricketing achievements

- CGCA Best Dressed Player 1995


- Bowling the best ball Grantly Switzer has ever seen (ask him about it the next time you see him).

Significant changes

during career

Introduction of overarm bowling


Favourite shot

Shouldering arms (causes less creases in the shirt)


Favourite drink

VB of course.


Parting comments

Mandy can you press my shirt for the game tomorrow

Stan taking guard in one of his first games (note the quality of his



C Blackberry

Daisy (Blackers biggest fan) cheers him on.




Biggest influence on career

Daisy (see picture) taught me everything I know about milking the bowling.

In the early days (see Changes in playing career) she would also ensure a damp spot on a good length when we were bowling.


Embarrassing moments

Daisy running onto the ground at any chance.

Significant change in playing career

Machinery replacing the use of livestock to cut the grass on the village green. 

The smells and sounds  of the farm still take me back to my early playing days


Parting comments

Moooooove over Daisy