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Hi JB Panthers Players and Team Managers


Round 3 produced some great results for the team. You might think that we lost, however the way the team played on Saturday compared to our efforts on Friday was outstanding.


Churchill is a very disciplined and experienced team in the TDCA so we had our work hard. The first innings showed promise but all our batsman were dismissed to the old “cross bat” shot. First rule for playing on turf is that you cannot afford to play across the line. If you need help in “playing straight” then contact Mrs Leys for a pair of her pantyhose, hang them up on the clothes line, add one cricket ball and try to play cross bat. You will never hit the ball – but if you play straight down the line, then every ball is a winner. Thanks Mrs Leys for that tip.


Fielding by our team was fantastic considering we were two players short on Friday. Good throwing techniques and calling by all fielders especially in the outer were shown by all.


Our second innings was a turn around from our first innings. Our team really showed that they can tough it out to the end. A great team effort.


Round 4 is against the combined Centrals- Toongabbie Cricket Club at Gaskin Park No 2. If we can play straight, concentrate, protect our wicket, and build partnerships and bowl to our game plan of just short of a length, take those hard catches - well you might be surprised what can happen on the day. It’s just up to us.



HINT FOR THE WEEK  - Building an Innings - Targets


·        Be realistic: set short targets rather than long term

·        Don’t relax when reaching targets; set new goals and go on

·        Be aware of team needs

·        Be patient