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Covers Roster
A Grade B Grade
1 Pros 1 Silk
2 Phill 2 Jeff
3 Doc 3 Gibbo
4 Brad 4 Gilsey
5 Hippy 5 Nick
6 Frank 6 Stan Senior
7 Toby 7 Stan Junior
8 Lee 8 Batt
9 DJ 9 Blackers
10 Chooka 10 Charlie
11 Pumpkin 11 Dermott
12 Smarty 12 Moose
Game Date
  B Grade      
Thursday Silk Nick Blackers Dermott
Saturday 8.30 Jeff Gibbo Gilsey Charlie
  B Grade      
Thursday Stan SNR Stan JNR Silk Nick
Saturday 8.30 Charlie Jeff Batt Gibbo
  B Grade      
Thursday Dermott Gilsey Silk Nick
Saturday 8.30 Stan SNR Stan JNR Jeff Batt
  B Grade      
Thursday Stan SNR Stan JNR Nick Matt
Saturday 8.30 Moose Gibbo Charlie Batt
  B Grade  
Thursday Dermott Blackers Nick Charlie
Saturday 8.30 Moose Silk Gilsey Gibbo
It is YOUR responsibility to organise a replacement if you are unavaliable
Contact your captian to let them know of any changes
Covers To Be Put On Thursday After Training
Covers To Be Taken Off 8:30 Saturday Morning